Emily’s ability to analyze nuanced legal issues allows her to serve as a practical and logical guide for clients in helping them make sense of and overcome complex legal issues. Emily works with clients of every financial background to find efficient solutions to complicated issues.  Although she has significant courtroom experience litigating cases involving high-conflict child custody, relocation, child and spousal support, and divorce, she has found that most families benefit from creative, settlement-based solutions.

She is a certified mediator and trained in interest-based negotiation. Emily prides herself on becoming highly knowledgeable about her clients’ particular circumstances and finding legal solutions that are in their best interest.

As a child of divorce herself, Emily believes strongly in shielding children from as much conflict as possible. Emily is court-appointed child counsel in Montgomery County and may serve as a Best Interest Attorney (BIA), Child Privilege Attorney, or Child Advocate, to represent children's interests during their parents' custody disputes.  Emily also serves as an Alternative Dispute Resolution facilitator in D.C. domestic relations cases. 

Before entering the legal profession, Emily earned her Masters in Social Work and spent time supporting individuals with substance use and co-morbid mental health disorders.  She puts her social work background into her practice of family law, incorporating mental health professionals in her work with families, particularly in issues related to child development and custody.

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